Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Three points of view

Not a single organization can ignore IT. Without digital processes and connectivity it is impossible to do business or provide products and services nowadays. Next to the fact that IT has become a necessity the IT landscape is continuously changing, internally and externally. These changes come with a certain level off complexity. A good set up of IT architecture and the correct way of integrating systems can be, not only, the cure, but can be a way of preventing problems in the future all together. 

At Oliver IT we think betting on integration and architecture will pay off. We like to explain by showing you three points of views. 

1. Old investments don’t have to be in vain
It is a well-known argument within IT; ’we have only been using this solution for a few years so a renewal won’t be profitable.’ When looking to the sum of some investments, this isn’t a weird statement, but it is however a fact that chances and possibilities keep on growing. It is not a matter of choosing to hop on this wagon, it has become a must. But, we have to agree, not using previous investments would be a waste. 
Integration can mean using older systems in connection with new systems or applications. This means investments can be re-used or maybe even put to better use.

2. Well begun is half done
It is important to have an overview of you systems, applications and processes. It is hard enough to connect several systems with different languages, updates and functions. Investing time to look into this and employing experts, via Oliver IT for example, is crucial in the very beginning of digitizing and transforming your IT. 

3. Looking ahead
When the architecture, and integrated technique, is correctly done from the starting point you have more control on changes in the future. By keeping developments and changes in mind in the beginning, implementation could be a lot easier later on. Therefor putting extra effort into architecture can be of great value. 

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