Our own Cloud Platform

What do we do?

Oliver Elements is our own Cloud platform to simply and quickly develop and control web and mobile applications which are integrated with different backend systems such as SAP. With the Oliver Elements platform we provide our service to many (SAP) clients with standardized solutions for Logistics and Service & Maintenance. The Cloud platform makes sure that the following conditions are assured for web and mobile apps:

  • Security
  • User management
  • Integration
  • Database services
  • Applicatie services

Oliver Element contains ready-to-use building blocks and best practices. This makes it possible for us to show the end-user what the solution will look like from the start. Thanks to these building blocks we are able to develop rapidly as well.

Our power

The power of Oliver Elements comes from the ability to create several gateways between SAP and non-SAP systems via user-friendly web and mobile apps. This makes it possible to thoroughly use prior investments that were made in regards of the backend. Our end-to-end approach of the process leads to smart solutions that cover the entire process instead of just a segment of it.

Next to our Cloud platform we offer full SaaS solutions with Oliver Elements. This means a pick of standard solutions all available in the Cloud. Incorporating your business processes is the only adjustment that needs to be done and to use these applications you simply need internet and either a smartphone, tablet or computer.

It is as simple as that!

Specific questions?

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Karst Koopman Consultant
Karst Koopman