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Increased overview and efficiency

We come across a lot of paper forms in Logistics and Transport, such as packing and delivery notes. Employees such as forklift and truck drivers can simplify their work and increase their efficiency by working with an app instead of these paper forms. When creating a digital solution we use an end-to-end approach to cover all the work between order planning, warehouse and transport.

Our solutions are not only fit for transport, but can also be applied to other logistic processes such as order picking, distribution and logistic planning. Besides digitizing just the work processes we can enrich the processes with route optimization, safety checks, real-time data and more. This makes the positive outcome of a change in process instantly visible for everyone.

Planning and Safety

Oliver IT has shown to be able to deliver excellent solutions for logistics for customers such as Struyk Verwo Infra, Redsun and Swiss Sense.

Struyk Verwo and Redsun both deliver heavy load, which is never without risk. They take safety very serious. The forklifts and trucks need to run without any problems. Performing a vehicle check is therefore needed. Also, the data that is gathered by doing this on a daily basis can be used to plan maintenance more efficiently and of course to prevent failure and accidents.

The distribution of other goods, for example consumer goods, has seen a lot of development recently. More and more goods are delivered at home and need installation. This demands a lot from the back office in the area of Planning. Optimal deployment of drivers and cars, a smart route and of course the correct date and time for the customer who prefers to receive this data in real time have to be taken into account. Oliver IT delivers an overview of Planning through a web application and makes it a lot more accessible this way.

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„Oliver IT maakt gebruiksvriendelijke applicaties die volledig op onze processen zijn toegepast ”
Lieke van Helvoort, Projectmanager Swiss Sense

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