​"Simplicity from data to output"

Almost everyone is talking about data, because data is hot. But what can I do with it, you must be wondering? And how can Oliver IT help you to use data to optimize your processes, make them easier and more efficient and thus indirectly save costs on these processes and increase the job satisfaction of your employees?

That's why Oliver IT has developed Odat: "Simplicity from data to output".

​We make complex data simple

At Oliver IT, we make complex data simple and give you more predictive insights into your business processes. Last but not least: what potential savings can you make within the process and, more importantly, financially?

With today's tools, making a report is no longer that difficult. But it becomes increasingly more difficult when we are talking about multiple sources from which you want to use the data. And once you start using data for future prediction, it often becomes even more complex. If you then try to combine those two complex issues, things quickly get out of hand rather than becoming simple, usable and interactive.

We think you should be able to make your own reports, but we also know that it is difficult to collect, link and edit the right data. Which source and how much? We don't care as long as the datasets we prepare for you contribute to the goal you have as a customer. Again: try not to overcomplicate things, but rather make it manageable and accessible. That is what we stand for and that is our philosophy.

„Oliver IT maakt gebruiksvriendelijke applicaties die volledig op onze processen zijn toegepast ”
Lieke van Helvoort, Projectmanager Swiss Sense

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