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We're not just specialist in development of web and mobile applications and in the field of complex integration issues, we also support the full life cycle of the application. Oliver IT has a team of specialists ready to ensure the continuity and stability of the applications. Our application management services are not limited to apps that have been built by us, we can also manage applications that have not been developed by us.

We perform the planned maintenance of your applications, and we can also incorporate any new demands. Because our suppor team has profound knowledge of your software this does not take a long time. Well performed application management can prevent many issues and therefore costs, because (potential) failures are identified on time. Oliver IT application management can support you pro-actively. One example of this is to pro-actively test developed applications on new iOS or Android releases.

Our approach

Our team in application management is ready to perform in planned maintenance as well as in unexpected failures. We can agree on a Service Level Agreement to define your needs and expectations. The experts from Oliver IT application management will gather specific knowledge on your application and/or integration issues and will support you from then on.

„Oliver IT maakt gebruiksvriendelijke applicaties die volledig op onze processen zijn toegepast ”
Lieke van Helvoort, Projectmanager Swiss Sense

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