Efficient and customer-friendly planning of delivery appointments.

Delivery of your products is an important part of the overall customer experience. Oliver IT's smart application ensures that all delivery appointments and trips are planned automatically.

The cloud application Oliver Planner was developed for Swiss Sense. Swiss Sense wanted to innovate within their logistics process in order to achieve significant savings. With Plan-R there is now a future-proof automation solution which enables Swiss Sense to automatically plan trips in the most efficient way. The planning is optimized in advance and gives the best time slot based on where the customer lives, other planned appointments and efficiency in the number of kilometres in each of the routes.


  1. Automated pre-planning
  2. Cost-efficient trip planning
  3. One fully integrated digital solution

Savings of 4 km per order per ride

Better planning of the tours enables Swiss Sense to save 4 km per order per customer. At a volume of 85,000 orders per year, this is an improvement with significant gains. Vehicles drive fewer kilometres, fuel consumption is reduced and CO2 emissions are reduced. In addition to optimising processes, the Oliver Planner automation solution also contributes to the sustainability of companies.

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„Oliver IT maakt gebruiksvriendelijke applicaties die volledig op onze processen zijn toegepast ”
Lieke van Helvoort, Projectmanager Swiss Sense

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