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Do you recognize these things?

  • Customers call all day long with questions
  • The handling takes a lot of effort and comes at the expense of the satisfaction of your customers.
  • The customer demand is not properly recorded, so the customer has to call again.

These things are annoying; for you as an entrepreneur but perhaps even more so for your customers. While if this goes efficiently, you save costs and the bond with your customers is much better.

Service/Maintenance companies deal with customers every day who want to make use of their services. Maybe something has broken or a new door, window, lamp, or other part needs to be installed. Customers often cannot estimate how long the delivery will take or repeatedly pass on the same defect/request.

Servicemelding.App is an accessible tool that allows your customers to quickly and easily submit malfunctions or requests that you can manage and process centrally.

Servicemeldingen App

Your customers install the app on a device of their choice with which they submit a notification: inc. photo, location and contact info. The customer can also follow the progress of the request. You will receive the correct information via a fixed format, and the need or damage can be assessed remotely. The advantage is that on-site inspection will often no longer be necessary, resulting in cost savings and efficiency.

You and/or your employees will see malfunctions and quote requests appear on a central page, arranged by location. On this page you can see the type of notification and you can easily keep an overview and see what work needs to be done. You can assign a certain task to your employees or let the customer give immediate feedback such as asking for more information, or let them know immediately when the problem can be fixed. In addition, you can check whether there might be a structural problem on location.

„Oliver IT maakt gebruiksvriendelijke applicaties die volledig op onze processen zijn toegepast ”
Lieke van Helvoort, Projectmanager Swiss Sense

Business benefits

The helps:

  • Save you time when dealing with notifications or quotation requests;
  • Avoid duplicate notifications and repetitive phone calls;
  • Communicate directly with your customer - anywhere;
  • Provide you with an overview of on-site work and your total workload;
  • Bring you and your customers closer together;
  • Create more business through ease of use.
  • The also available for your company

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